May 18, 2010

Silly Biscuits

By UK Illustrator Gemma Robinson.  This one is pretty cute too.

PS. Sorry for the light random posts today.  It's a busy week at the office, and I've got a big post for tomorrow.
PPS. Be sure to check out our summer fashion series at The Magdalene Sisters.
PPPS. I know I am a bad speller, but this is just ridiculous. Everytime I try to spell biscuits I get caught off gaurd because there is no "q" in the word. I attribute this to the fact that there was always a box of Bisquick in the back of our pantry. To save my children from a lifetime of spelling embarrassment, I hereby promise never to purchase Bisquick.

PPPPS.  Don't you just love the word "queue"?

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