March 12, 2010

Meatless Meals: Jamie Oliver's Monkfish with Olive and Lemon

I have two important announcements this afternoon. No, make that three.
1) I am loving Google Reader. I don't know why I never jumped on this bandwagon before, but I just love love love it. And the more organized I get and the more subscriptions I have the more I like it.
2) You know, kids say the darndest things. Like Spoon's daughter G who said about Jamie Oliver, "I would like to marry him. And live in England. That's where my dream house is." G is 3 years old. I should have told you that before.  It's funnier that way.
3) By the way, G: You're going to have to get in line, because I love him and want to marry him too. Actually, I could never take him away from his family, even if he gives them names like Petal Blossom Rainbow, so I guess I'll say, I want to have dinner with him. Or, better yet, have him make me dinner. This dinner as a matter of fact.

What do these three Important Announcements have to do with each other. Well, since neither I, nor G can marry Jamie Oliver, I and G's mother have to get all our tips from the man himself, and from my subscription to his fantastic website via my own google reader.

End of story. Now go cook this amazing roasted monkfish with black olive sauce and lemon mash for dinner. And invite me over, while you're at it.  You're too kind.

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  1. Mags --

    G's comment made my morning.