March 19, 2010

Meatless Feasts: Poached Fish for St. Joseph

Today is the Feast of St. Joseph (we've been doing a novena over at Magdalene Sisters.  If you missed it, you could do a post feast novena.)  I love the Feast of St. Joseph because right there in the middle of lent when either you are too worn down to carry on, OR you have been very bad and need a reason to push yourself for the sake fo something greater, along comes St. Joseph, full of love and yet demanding--like the good father that he is.  (I especially love it because for personal reasons I don't really celebrate St. Patricks day they way it is expected here in the US.  So, St. Joseph gives me other reasons to celebrate.)

So this year the Feast falls on a friday.  And fridays means no meat.  (Actually, Canon Law allows for eating meat on fridays in lent if said friday is a solemnity.)  But, I thought I'd give you a rather decadent more-feast like fish dish But I have a better idea this year: lobster and scallops poached in olive oil. (Photo and recipe from Food52.)

That's right: oil.  Can you imagine anything more delicious, rich, delicate, and festive?  I cannot.  And apparently, it is easy too.  Give your tummy a break, and pair this with a light mache salad, with lemon vinagrette.  And for dessert, I'd recommend an espresso, paired with a champagne zabaglione or meyer lemon souffle

Tell me that's not a feast.  St. Joseph, I love you.

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