March 08, 2010

Kiera and Rob

Dear Mr. N made an astute observation last week over brunch. We were wondering which celebrities are most loved and hated for their physical looks. Kiera Knightley is the easy answer as far as the women are concerned. No woman understand why guys go gaga over her. "She has two facial expressions" we all say, "sullen and more sullen."

Mr. N's suggestion, as far as the men were concerned, was Twilight star Rob Pattinson. I was convinced, not on personal experience, but by Friday's article in the WSJ, by Nancy dwWolf Smith,Ravishing of Rob Pattinson:
Whatever Pattinson-appreciation is built on, the gateway drug for most women (and fewer men) is Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight," a classic saga of young love. The twist is that Edward hasn't been human since he was bitten by a vampire in 1918, and yet he soulfully strives to protect Bella, the ordinary girl who returns his affection, from his own monstrous fate.

A beautiful man with the will and strength to maintain eternal devotion? A few joyless types missed the big picture and veered off on tangents about stalking and other tedious subjects. But most girls got it instantly, and adult women perked up as if from a torpor—even if they could only sneak off to and other Web sites after the children and a resentful husband or boyfriend were asleep. Then, they talk about Mr. Pattinson as if he were their own personal brand of heroin. "I'm addicted," a mother of four laments. "When will it end?" "O.M.G. When will we wake up?" types someone else. "When he's 40? 50?"
I'll say only this: Knightley and Pattinson look eerily similar...which brings this kind of creepy to a whole new level.


  1. Knightly teaches girls that being made of little sticks is attractive. When I see her in a film i wan't to give her ice cream and cheese burgers. Or, if it's a period piece, lamb chops.

  2. Oh Ben! Brilliant! hahaha!

  3. The fact that I went as Mr. Pattinson for Hallowe'en was a shameless ploy on my part.

  4. Excellent post, Maggie. Those two do look eerily similar. I've always thought Kiera would make a handsome boy (not a man), and Robert would make a beautiful girl (not a woman). Who knew that they actually just fall into the same narrow zone of androgynous, young beauty? I think Kate Moss was in it when she was younger.