March 11, 2010

Give me Liberty...

When I was fourteen years old, my whole family flew to England for two weeks. We stayed in London for half that time, and hit all the major spots: The Tower, Brompton Oratory, V&A Museum, Greenwich. They we wandered through Kent to Canterbury to Portsmouth north through the Cotswolds to Bath, and then popped into Oxford for a day.

The trip was an education in itself. I think, if at all possible, one should allow one's highschoolers to travel.  If a high-schooler travels, especially internationally, it will drastically change the way they see the world. High-schoolers are always so absorbed in their own world; but if you show them that the world is so much bigger then the little place they inhabit, it will bring perspective and a healthy dose of realism to their mindset.

Anyway, while in London we stayed near Harrods, so we ventured over there a few times. Then, one afternoon as Dad and Thomas and Anna went to explore something themselves, Mom and I spent the morning at the V&A, and the afternoon at the other great London department store, Liberty of London. Where Harrod's was glamorous and brilliant, Liberty was intimate and cozy. It was perfect.

Then, when I was a junior in highschool, I worked in a fabric store that had an excellent assortment of their soft lightweight lawn fabrics--which I tried to sell to everyone that walked in. And I do mean everyone. I couldn't afford it for myself, so I wanted everyone to enjoy it.

Well, darlings, now everyone can have a little bit of Liberty. Starting this Sunday, Target is launching a line of bedding, clothing, accessories, and home goods, all designed by the good people at Liberty of London. You can bet I'll be first in line on Sunday, when the store opens. Here's a quick preview:

Yes, I am going to buy that umbrella. And I kinda wish I were a guy so I could wear those ties.

Those canisters are so cute! And even though it's mauve-purple, I want that bike.

There's even a facebook app. And more photos here, and here.
Photos from Real Simple and Liberty Mag.

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