March 02, 2010

Around Maggie's Blog World

First things first. This amazing charcoal is by my friend, Silvana Bertolini. I missed her recent "Pelle" exhibit, in Napa, but got to see some of the works displayed here. If you are interested in purchasing one of her pieces, contact her here.

I am taking time today to point out what's going on around my blog-o-sphere:
+ It's Alice in Wonderland Week at Little Lamb Books. So far I've lambasted Tim Burton's vision...twice and looked at the vastly superior vision of Sir John Tenniel's original illustrations. Tomorrow...a look at Carrol's use of poetry in the Alice books.

+ We learned to make labneh cheese on Empty Jar. (Next week: my adventures with ice-cream!)

+ Edith shared some hard news on The Magdalene Sisters, and we're all keeping her in our prayers. Plus we're talking about women in the workplace, and will be talking about this a lot more in the coming weeks. (PLEASE comment on this issue--we're really hoping to go in depth and explore every angle of this discussion.)

+ And I am just plugging away here at Ten Thousand Places, giving you ten thousand pieces of nonsense and triviality, for your viewing pleasure.

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