February 12, 2010

Valentines + Letters

I adore these handwritten Valentines. How lovely. (Of course, I'd love them even more if they didn't have to be pruchased...)

HT: Wide Open Spaces.

As long as we are talking about letters, may I direct your attention to Katherine Eastland's review of Thomas Mallon's new book Yours Ever: People and Their Letters
Yours Ever is the product of Mallon’s spirited reading, and in that way it is personal—and it is fitting that it would be such, with a subject as personal as other people’s mail.
Within each chapter are several 1,000-word essays, a form Mallon mastered decades ago when writing for periodicals like National Review and The American Spectator. Entries on individual letterwriters rarely exceed the few pages needed to meet that word count (which, in fact, is the count of a meaty letter), but these clear, gem-like glimpses are often biographies, or at least character studies, writ small. As Mallon observes, “we are most ourselves when frantic and fidgety” and letters, catching us unbuttoned in the off-hours, do have a way of carrying the imprint of our emotions. Even our pencils know when we’re mad.

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