February 03, 2010

Seven Quick Takes (1)

Brazenly stealing a trope from my friend Miss Miriel, of Seeking Solomon and Humane Pursuits, here are seven quick thoughts for this snowy Wednesday morning:

1: What an incredibly beautiful snow we had last night. Big, thick, fluffy. And it really stuck to the trees, which is always my favorite part. Furthermore, though we are already over budget after a measly two snowfalls, the road crews were working all night and the roads seem clear.

2: ...And yet it still took me an hour and a half to get to work this morning! My bus didn't show up and I stood there on the side of Route 50 at Ft. Myer for 20 minutes as cars whizzed by kicking up the salty wet guck on the roads, and spraying me in the face with it. I don't think I really believe in "free radicals" but today...today I do.

3: One more thought on snow: I love how indiscriminate and equalizing it is. Not only does it inconvenience everyone in the same way and to the same extent (for the most part), but it also covers everything--from the gorgeous trees out side my office window (above) to the train tracks coming out of Union Station and the junk yards along the red line on my way in to work. And it makes all those things (for a short time at least) quite beautiful.

4: I was re-reading my (now autographed!) copy of Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior and I stumbled across a discussion about home decor. In it Miss Manners said that a home that is decorated in the perfectly correct manner is actually tasteless. That is, every well decorated home has any number of oddities that make it feel like a home rather than a hotel or decorator magazine. I was so relieved to see this because, if you haven't noticed, I really like the odd and quirky when it comes to my own home. You won't be surprised to see, then, that I just adore this print, and would gladly take their suggestion and hang it over my hat rack.

5: I doubt anyone really cares what I think about the Oscars, but I will say this: Star Trek should have gotten both a best picture and a best cinematography nod. Especially since Harry Potter got a nod for the latter and it was even visually booooring. While it wasn't evenmy favorite animated film of the year, I think I'll root for Up for Best Picture, though from what I've heard, The Hurt Locker is stunning. Seriously, though, can any of these films actually touch Hollywood's obsession with James Cameron? I doubt it. And: OH MY GOODNESS "Partly Cloudy" did not get nominated for best animated short!!! Three exclamation points is all I have to say about this.

6: I'm just stealing right and left today: the previous phrase "Three exclamation points..." was stolen from my friend J when I told him about Masterpiece Theatre's adaptation of The 39 Steps by James Buchanan. I'll admit, I'm pretty excited too. The previews looked great, and I just adore that book.

7: What do you think of the re-design, kiddos? I *love* it. I really wanted to freshen things up and this is a happy start. If you are wondering: the header font is Jeeves; besides the fact that I think it is gorgeous, who can resist a name like that? Next step: to reorganize my tags. They are really getting out of hand. (Scroll down on the right and you'll see...)

Oh yeah, and Go Capitals!


  1. Looks very nice; I'm working on two re-designs myself so maybe this will encourage me to get the lead out!

  2. I love the redesign!! It rocks my socks.