February 09, 2010

Blogging Friends

Photo by André Kertész

I have a long list of blogs I've been wanting to direct your attention to--and today, as I am making my way back into the real world after an incredibly busy 3 weeks, I am going to share them with you!

1) The Blog Around the Corner by my friend Katherine Eastland and one of her Colleagues at The Weekly Standard. Lest you think Maggie's gotten all soft and political on you, you should know: this blog is not at all political. It is filled with the paraphernalia of a happy thoughtful life--so its interested are diverse and universally charming. I dare you not to be pleased. (P.S. They introduced me to André Kertész who I just adore. That's his work is above.)

2) Also charming, though much less regularly updated, is East by South. Caitlin caters to a decidedly female audience--an audience that loves cropped pants, spring dresses, cocktails, sunlight, bicycles, and the occasional Cat Steven's song.

3) HE FEASTS! is written by Spoon's husband, J. I'll let him describe his blog below. Let me say this only: though he doesn't post often, each post is well worth the wait. Bookmark it and enjoy.
I've a dozen friends with a dozen blogs between them, all about the various wonders of food: The horrors of fast food, the virtues of slow food, the necessity of whole food and the lugubrious pertinacity of processed victuals. For these women (and they are largely women) let me say that I am extremely grateful. They are the laborers who turn the meanest root vegetable into a splendid table, and tirelessly devise new and more fetching means of doing so.

The stern fact is, the world is gloriously overburdened with inspiring theories about the creation of food, detailed methods for it, recipes, and the creative siren songs of explosive chefs and cooks the planet over. There’s an absolute worldwide love affair going on with culinary athleticism, and a frank sad vacuum of appreciation for it.

Well, here I am. This little page will remain devoted to praising the cooks in my life and their wine and company. Most especially these tales of enjoyment and adventure will focus on the wondrous and capable R-, my lovely wife, and the superhuman talent she possesses for making food and society fit for kings. A true meal, as you shall see, can make the meanest company magnificent, and is only made better with good company.

Not enough by half is said by those who actually get to eat the clever dinners and the wholesome feasts, reaping the benefits of food theory and capable kitchen craft that elevates earthly ingredients to please the eye, mouth and soul. Where the author strays into grandiosity do your best to recall that when fed like royalty a man feels like royalty. He feasts.

4) Last but certainly not least, a dear family friend and certified wine expert, Annette Hanami, has launched the site Wine Muse. In this site she shares her extensive knowledge and her calm appreciation for the art of wine. She is a certified educator for the Bordeaux Region of France, and for Spanish wines as well. Plus, of course, she lives in Napa, and shares with this exile the joys of home. And she discusses wine parings with asain foods, which I really appreciate because I am totally lost. If you like wine, I promise you'll like this site.

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  1. He Feasts is a favorite of mine I got off your blog roll.