January 29, 2010

Suffering and the Cross

It is not what is suffered that redeems and heals; it is who suffers. One tear of Christ’s could redeem the world: all the tears of the whole world that are not his are of no avail to comfort one child.

What matters is not that we suffer, or that we suffer a little or a lot, but that Christ suffers in us. That Christ suffers whenever we suffer. Not that our lives are small or are lived on a heroic scale, but that they are lived by Christ in us. Therefore, our way to share in the worlds healing, to mitigate the worlds suffering, is simple to foster and cherish the infant Christ in us. Because the Christ in us is the Infant Christ, it is in our littleness that we are stretched to the size of the cross; it is in our helplessness that we are crucified in Him.

--Caryll Houselander,
The Passion of the Infant Christ

I ask for your prayers today. 2010 already seems to have quite a large pile of prayer requests. I have promised many of you readers to pray for you, and now I ask you all to pray for me, and for my Aunt, who is undergoing breast cancer surgery today. I am glad that I am able to be here to help her thought this difficult time--but terrified of the responsibility, as well.

(Painting Cross by Michael O'Brien)


  1. Prayeed for her at the Holy Hour at church last night. Hope it goes okay!

  2. You're both in my prayers.