June 04, 2009

Quote of the Day

"I raised my hand."

"Yeah? Whatja say?"

"That's when I asked the question."

Itzie's face lit up. "Whaja ask about--intercourse?"

"No, I asked the question about God, how if He could create heaven and earth in six days, and make all the animals and the fish and the light in six days--the light especially, that's what always gets me, that He could make the light. Making fish and animals, that's pretty good--"

"That's damn good." Itzie's appreciation was honest but unimaginative: it was as if God had thrown a one-hitter.

"But making light...I mean when you think about it, it's really something," Ozzie said. "Anyway, I asked Binder if He could make all that in six days, and He could pick the six days He wanted right out of nowhere, why couldn't He let a woman have a baby without having intercourse."

"You said intercourse, Ozz, to Rabbi Binder?"

--"The Conversion of the Jews", by Philip Roth

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