January 14, 2009

Quote of the Day

Many years ago, before I became a Catholic, I wandered one day into Brompton Oratory. Spotting a little screw of paper lying at the feet of a statue of St A. [St Anthony], I was inquisitive to know what might be written on it. 'Please, St Anthony, help me find my handbag,' perhaps; or 'Where did I drop my penkinfe?' I looked round furtively to make sure I wasn't being watched and unfolded the paper. I read it, refolded it, and gave it back to the statue. Any superior smile had been wiped off my face. What I had read was very simple, 'Please St Anthony, help me find work.'

--Monday, May 27, My Name Escapes Me: A Diary of a Retiring Actor, by Sir Alec Guinness

* This book is a true delight, and I encourage everyone it pick it up. It's full of memories, silly stories of old age, thoughts on poetry, music, art, and the occasional political grumble. This was one of my favorite of his little stories, and I wanted to share it especially with all those I know who are currently looking for a job.

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