January 23, 2009

(Not so mellow) Yellow

Pantone picks a "color of the year" every year, and this year it is a sunny orangey yellow called "mimosa". Which I love. But they do seem a little behind the times--last year (as I reported) it was a deep blue/purple, which had already made waves on the runways and in the stores. (Though, finally, I found a skirt in that color at H&M. Meryl Streep was right.

This year MIMOSA YELLOW is more golden than most of the yellows we've seen, but weren't we innundated with yellows the past two years (both seasons!) in fashion. Michelle Williams wore it at the Oscars two years ago. It's the color of my Burt's Bee's Lip Balm. And hasn't every home magazine in the past two years featured a sunny yellow as an accent color with deep blues, or grey walls?

Regardless, I like the choice. And, though I don't like Michelle Obama much, I did love her outfit at the innaugural. It was a bold and joyful choice, without being too triumphant.

Mom said "It's the only color yellow I like." We know that's not true since the only color that reincarnated itself in our old house was yellow. But we also know why she loves it. Let's hope this color of the year helps us win the Superbowl. And how about the Stanley Cup while we're at it.

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