January 14, 2009

New Year Shopping

I am sure you are all tired of shopping now that Christmas is over. The Perry household had a lovely and satisfying Christmas, and I recieved from my awesome family a great many things I had long desired or needed. But that doesn't mean I can't start a new wishlist for 2009.

At the top of that wishlist, right now, are these three prints from Little Paper Planes. The Giraffe Print, by artist Chiaki Mori, is a silk-screen on handmade Japanese paper. And I just love it--I can think of several nurseries that it would look wonderful in.

These two I'm Smitten prints, one of a boy with a lap filled with sailboats and the other of a girl with a lap full of trees, are letterpressed by Miss Ashley Alexander, also delightful. Come to think of it, they'd be good gifts too.

That's very good of me, having a wish list of things I want to give to other people...

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