January 19, 2009

Morrocoan Preserved Lemons

from Moroccan Modern by Hassan M'souli

(my comments italicized)

10 Lemons
1 1/2 cup rock salt
(I've also seen kosher salt recommended for preserving lemons)
4 1/4 cups filtered/purified water, boiling
juice from 1 lemon
8 Cardamom pods
2 small red chiles
(not mexican)
2 bay leaves
olive oil to cover

Clean lemons and soak in filtered water for 3 days. Change water daily.

Cut pockets in each lemon, from 1/4 inch from top to 1/4 inch from bottom. Fill pockets with salt. Layer tightly in a sterilized jar.

Cover with boling water, lemon juice, remaining salt, cardamom, chilies and bay leaves. Top with a thin layer of olive oil. Seal tightly, let sit in refirdgerator for one month before using. Good for one year, refrigerate.

*I bet you could put this in a boiling bath to seal the jar, and not refrigerate it. Then, it would probably last on the shelf for over a year, but of course you'd have to refrigerate it when it is opened.

painting by Julian Merrow-Smith, from his daily Postcard from Provence.

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