January 03, 2009


--A lovely essay about the total immersion of young girls in their books:
But there is one thing I notice my daughters doing when they hang around the house that makes me ache, with a terrible yearning, to be young again. They read.

Or more precisely, they read like I did when I was a girl. They drape themselves across chairs and sofas and beds — any available horizontal surface will do, in a pinch — and they allow a novel to carry them so effortlessly from one place to another that for a time they truly don’t care about anything else.

--Also from the New York Times, an essay about the boringness of Vogue. (And it's true! Kiera Knightley is a better model than she is actress, but does she really need to be on the cover twice in 10 months?)

--A compelling review by Mick LaSalle (the critic I love but rarely agree with), about Revolutionary Road that really makes me want to see the film: "Speaking of the 1950s, I love the shot of the men getting off the train in the morning at Grand Central Station, a sea of hats and gray flannel cascading down the long stairway, on the way to some death-mill office job. Who would want to be a part of that?"

--Times Magazine's yearly roundup of obituaries featured Bobby Fischer and Edwina Froehlich, the founder of the La Leche League.

--Great profile of one of my favorite wineries, Round Pond, in today's Chronicle

--Feeling the Susie Boyt love over at Guild Review.

--But loving Miss Manners more, for this brilliant column:
Here is a New Year's resolution for which nobody asked: Do not try to live above your means. Yes, Miss Manners knows that everyone has resolved to cut back on expenses. Probably every year since time began. It may be more urgent now, but people are always doing that. However, that is not the resolution that Miss Manners proposes. She is hoping for an end to the now commonplace attempts to live above one's means by means of mean devices to use other people's means.

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