January 05, 2009

All good things lead back to San Francisco

Confession: I have a new TV Obsession. Iron Chef America. It's brilliant, fun, a little disgusting at times, and showcases the talents of young talents chef's around the country. there was big hullaballoo about the secrets of Iron Chef being exposed earlier this year by a restaurant critic who went to see the show, but most of what he discloses, I could figure out just by watching the show. It's still fascinating.

Anyway, earlier this week, Food Network showed a match-off between Michael Symon, Mom's favorite Iron Chef, and a bright young thing from San Francisco, Nate Appleman. The "secret" ingredient was Suckling Pig, and they we both excellent butchers, and managed to use nearly all of it (entrée gross factor: do you really want to see sous-chefs spooning out the brains of piglet on TV. No. But you do want to see what they end up doing with it!)

Well, I was happy to discover that Nate Appleman's restaurants SPQR, and A16 are both in San Francisco, and both look amazing, and reasonably priced too. Next time I go to St. Dominic's for mass, I'll have to stop by SPQR for brunch. And A16's menu, given 3 1/2 stars by Michael Bauer in the Chronicle, deserves several visits alone.

Next time I'm home...meanwhile, I'm out for the rest of the week finishing with the move.

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