December 04, 2008

Not that you care...

but: today I bought really kick ass boots. Or should I say booties. Because that's what they are. And I love them. I *know you're not supposed to do a trend that you've already done, but some little wild child of the early nineties tells me every time I see a pair of ankle boots "Buy me! Buy me!"

I managed to hold off the temptation, for months now, but then I went to Marshall's today to find a pair of practical shoes (success there too: lovely, supple black knee high boots with a small heel and comfy sole, leather, and versatile), and found an amazing deal on these ankle boots from Via Spigia, and I just had to buy them. You can't tell with this terrible photo, but they are a lovely carmel and black fake alligator (real leather!), with a button on the outer side ankle, and a nice, but not extreme, pointy toe.

And, I love them. In fact, this is the first time I've loved shoes I've owned since I bought my red shoes that died in the Chicago river.

(I'm loving the discount stores this fall. I bought a trench at Filene's for 1/3 regular price that I have hardly taken off since I bought it. Check out this fascinating article about discount shopping in NYC.)

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