December 03, 2008


It's been a busy week and I haven't had time after work to do much writing, so here are a few interesting items to tide you over till I start blogging regularly again:

1) Human Ashes found in Jane Austen's Garden, repeatedly.

2) Technology and the end of Narrative: for once I agree with Philip Pullman.

3) Two pieces from First Things about Advent and the Liturgical Year, one by R. Reno, and another by Joseph Bottum.

4) A review/narrative about Twilight, which has me almost decided ot pick them up (on the whole, Vampire stories are my least favorite of thrillers. Mr. Riley taught me nothing...)

5) The End of Barbers, from Culture 11.

6) And, if you're feeling ambitious, there is a whole slew of articles worth reading on ISI's First Principle's journal.

7) Lastly, a fun interesting profile of Mark Bittman.

Plus there are a bunch of great links on the right of your screen.

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