December 04, 2008

Christmas Tree Alternatives

My roommate is allergic to "anything that's green" and, unfortunately that means Christmas Trees, too. I don't really like artificial Christmas Trees, though it hardly seems like Christmas without SOMETHING green in the apartment. I'm looking for alternatives, and here are a couple things I've come up with:

1) A spiffy DIY conical Christmas Lights display, courtesy of Flickr user jeongyun.

2) As long as we're going artificial, we might as well go crazy! Shocking Pink would look nice with our honeycomb walls... (From Urban Outfitters.)

3) A Yarn Wreath, inspired by Constant Gatherer's versions on Etsy.

But seriously folks, I'll probably end up doing some version of this: a
bare branch tree, with all my random ornaments, lights, and a sweet ribbon garland, similar to the one pictured above.

1 comment:

  1. Charlie Brown approves of your tree.

    The first year I was away from home in December (seventh grade), I got home and there was an ARTIFICIAL TREE sitting in the living room. I was...shocked, to say the least. We were a lot less sick during Christmas, though!

    Also, I haven't been commenting every time, but am really enjoying the increase in post output from here! I'm on the verge of putting my own Wordpress together, but I need to get out of the Creative Writing class I conned myself into taking first, so nothing until right before Christmas at the very earliest.