December 16, 2008

Christmas Decorating 1: Paper Snowflakes

There's snow in our apartment. Paper snow. little pieces of white paper scattered all over our floor because for the last two weeks I have been making paper snowflakes everytime I sit down. And it's been totally addicting.

For a good how to, check out Martha's Stewart's easy steps version. The sky's the limit with the design--I varied both in folding technique (8, 12, and 16 point stars), and in cutting style (curves, triangles...even a few pentegons!). I encourage you to keep trying. My first few ones were relaly quite bad, but I got the hang of it, and got more and more creative with each one. It's very intuitive and delightful.

To hang, I just uses scotch tape on our glass door. Clean the glass first, and don't use masking tape because it falls quickly. Press the flakes in a large book before you hang them so they stay flat.


  1. Wow, impressive work! I hauled out all of the Christmas decorations and realised I had accidentally thrown out the plastic Christmas tree last year along with all the ornaments. (Oops.) At least we've got the nativity scene and a big cherub-festooned swag over the fireplace.

  2. I did a bird's Christmas them this year. Peacocks and Cardinals are all over the tree. I think I'll try the snowflakes for the dining room.