November 21, 2008

Travelling to Connecticut

I'm off to Connecticut for a wedding; roadtripping with Mrs. C (no baby or husband in tow). I'm going to wear my spiffy new deep purple pencil skirt (I know you care). The music is going to kick ass, because they are both in the liturgical music program at CUA. And, perhaps best of all, the reception is in a castle. Full report when I get back...

While I'm gone, take a look to the right. I've been slowly updating and editing and reorganizing my link list. There are a whole bunch of new things--discoveries, new firends and aquaintances, new interests of mine--as well as my Etsy Favorites list (some good christmas gifts in there, what?). The links are not all blogs, there are some webzines and personal pages mixed in; they are organized by topic, and alphabetical. I've got to have some semblance of order in my life.

Enjoy. Next week's blogging will be dedicated to COOKING as I prepare to host my first thanksgiving!

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