November 06, 2008

Top Design

I beacame a little addicted to the design reality show, Top Design on BRAVO. Of course you know I love home design, but I never expected to love a design reality show. Still, I got hooked this year on Top Design. It's much less catty than Project Runway, and I don't have to listen to Tim Gunn's dreadful drawl.

But I think I really got hooked because of Nathan. From the very first episode I was intrigued by the way he saw things, and the designs he put forward. In one "Pop Design" challenge the contestants were supposed to design a tablescape, and he put together a beautful, simple, and flawless deconstructed tabletop, with a pile of poterry dishes, a huge boquet of flowers, and a rustic table. It was perfect.

When Nathan failed, he really failed, but when he hit the right now, it was adventurous, whimsical, bold, and yet balance, and just traditional enough to appeal to lots of different sensibilities.

So, I was glad last night when he won! Bravo Nathan. One day, perhaps, I'll be able to afford your rooms...

(Photo from his design portfolio at Nathan Egan Interiors, and his rooms from Episodes 2, and 8.)

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