November 25, 2008

Dream Thanksgiving

Well, I said I'd dedicate this weeks' blogging to cooking, and today I am going to blog about my dream thanksgiving meal.

First of all, it would involve a cool, but sunny day. We'd wander in the park a little with the kiddos about midday, to let them get out their excess energy, and us work up an appetite. The ingredients would all be local, of course, and the meats organic. And I obviously wouldn't have a budget to worry about (we're dreaming right?)

The table would already be set, and would look something like the one from MSL Online pictured above.

On the stove would be a steaming pot of mulled cider, ready for laddling into glasses just as soon as guests arrive from the cold. In the living room hot crusty bread would accompany a luxurious cheese spread, complete with honey, olives, figs and other goodies. The cheeses would include a salty pecorino, a nutty gouda, a rich Fromage d'Affinois, a local blue, and honey baked chevre (pictured above), and some home-made quince paste.

Now for the meal! First course: Swiss Chard and White Bean Soup. For the kids, I'd include some turkey shaped pasta. How silly!

Second Course: Simple Butternut Squash Tart with Ricotta (pictured above)

Third course, (aka the main meal) would include:
Apple Grilled Turkey with Cider Gravy
Country Bread Stuffing with Goat Cheese, Ham, and dried cherries
Sunburst Carrot Salad (pictured above)
Braised Fennel with Meyer Lemon and Parmesean
(very simple) Carmelized Cauliflower
Green Beans with pancetta
Braised Kale
And roasted root vegtables (parsnips, squash, beets, and fingerling potatoes) with onions and thyme (I don't have a recipe for this, I've adapted it from a cookbook. I'll post it sometime...)

Dessert would include:
Maple Syrup pie from Aux Caniens, the oldest resturant in Quebec City
Cranberry Clafoutis from Mark Bittman
Marsala Poached Pears
and of course the traditional Libby's Pumpkin Pie
(Plus local vanilla ice cream)

And some Coffee, and tea.

So long as we're dreaming, this is what I'd make. And my whole family, plus lots of friends, would be there. And it'd be wonderful.

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