October 31, 2008

The People You Meet

This meme is fun for Halloween, since it'd be fun to be any of these people, as well as meeting them.

If you could meet anyone in the following catagroies, who would it be?

SAINT - Joseph, hands down. I would like to curl up in his lap and have him tell me a story, or dry my tears, or just sit in his strong harms, like any daughter would.
GENIUS - Thomas Aquinas
POPE - Peter
SUPERHERO - Batman (or just Christian Bale)
COMEDIAN - Groucho Marx, or Goldie Hawn in the Laugh-in days.
KING - Henry V or Charlemagne
QUEEN - Margaret of Scotland and Elizabeth of Hungary (of course!)
PAINTER - I'd like to pick the brain of Whistler, but I'd like to be painted by Vermeer--I think any woman would. I read a piece about Vermeer once that said that Vermeer is most entrancing when he catches a woman when she is completely and totally alone with herself. She is being observed, but is entirely unaware of it. To be painted by Vermeer would be a complete artistic representation of the edict "Know Thyself".
OTHER ARTIST - Andy Warhol, in church
PLAYWRIGHT - George Kauffman. In fact, I wouldn't mind being a character in his plays, so long as I was a zany one.
TEACHER - Miss Jean Brodie
SINGER - Bono, since I missed my chance with Ray La Montagne. I would have loved to have met Louis Armstrong, too--I might have even smoked a joint with him, just to have done it!
SONGWRITER - Cole Porter, and Bob Dylan
ACTOR - Um. Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. Maybe they should have gone under the commedian listing...
ACTRESS - Dame Maggie Smith
PRINCESS - Grace Kelly
SPY Smiley, but his author, John LeCarre, would do.
WIZARD - Gandalf of course.
AUTHOR - If I was a child, C. S. Lewis; as an adult, Graham Greene and James Thurber.
CHILDREN'S AUTHOR - academically, I am fasinated with J. M. Barrie, but he was so strange and lived such an odd life, that would be hard. C. S. Lewis, of course, is a true delight, but I listed him above. So, I'll say E. B. White. He's actually on my all-time list. Maybe top five.
DETECTIVE - Remington Steele
PRESIDENT--Taft. For sporting reasons, not political ones.
GENERAL - Or, Admiral instead: Lord Nelson
SCULPTOR - Auguste Rodin
POET - Sassoon, or the irascible but wonderful Robert Frost
BAND - Steeleye Span: truly, I would love to know what kind of research thery did for their folk songs, or seen one of their practice sessions. Everything I love in music is found, in some form, in Steeleye Span.
DIRECTOR - Blake Edwards would be hilarious; Whit Stillman would be intellectually stimulating; Alfred Hitchcok would be fascinating and strange, and Akira Kurosawa would be inspiring and awesome.
FASHION DESIGNER - I don't really care about the personalities of fashion designers, but who would I most like to have a dress made by? That's a better question, and I think I'd have to say Schiaparelli or Dior. YSL would do...
ENGLISH HILLWALKER - Hilare Belloc (not english exactly, but he still counts!)
GROUPIES - The Inklings
JESUIT - Francis Xavier
PERSON ALIVE - a lot of people on this list are still alive, but of all the people in the world I'd like to meet, Pope Benedict XVI is of course on the top of that list.

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