October 08, 2008

Easy Bread and Jam

Today Mark Bittman posted a newer and faster (and whole-grainier) verison of his Minimalist No Knead Bread, and my mom sent me a link with instructions on the quick and easy French Style Jam.

Not that I'm in the jam business, yet, but a recipe like this would put me out, that's for sure. Still, and few cautionary notes: you cannot can this french jam recipe, because it is not boiled long enough. You'd have to eat it in about a week, and keep it refridgerated. Also, it'd be good to still sterilize your jar.

Breakfast just got a whole lot more tasty.

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  1. karabeer3:00 PM

    I bought the book "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day" (well, more like 30 for rising and 40 for baking, but still, 5 for *shaping* it...) and I bet the Bittman variation is similar. I finally mixed up a batch and am baking some today. It sounds too good to be true--freshly baked bread every day!