September 22, 2008

Name that Tune!

While I love music, and am even (shamefully?) learning to appreciate some pop music, I am not nearly as knowledgeable as I'd like. I always have tunes in my head from this commercial, or that radio station, but never know what they actually are.

I guess there are others out there, because I just found this great site: FIND THAT SONG

They have the new Apple Nano ad, an AT&T mother's day ad that I just loved, and, even, a Volvo commercial I had forgotten about.

Geico and GE tend to have the best music, I think, in their commercials. These are two of my all time favorites: Geico Cavemen featuring "Remind me" by Royksopp, and
the cutest little boy ever with Donovan's "Catch the Wind".

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