September 18, 2008

Let Us Grow Lettuce!

So, we have a big huge porch now, and nothing out there but a rickety tables and a very sorry looking basil plant. But I am going to take inspiration from my apartment dwelling aunt, and grow a garden--starting with fall greens.

I fell in love with home grown greens when I was visiting the P's in Peterborough, ON last summer. Every day, when we got around to making lunch, Mr. P would emerge from his cave-like study, and go out into the sunny garden, and pick a bowl full of new red lettuce leaves. They were small and translucent and had the slightest touch of red on the edges. And they were so delicious! Half the time I only put a touch of salt and olive oil on them. I almost envied rabbits.

It's been my goal, ever since, to grow my own lettuce. And since the climate is temperate for a good two months still I fully intend on harvesting a bunch of baby field greens. That is, if I can find a metro accessible nursery soon.

For the How To check out this piece in Sunset Magazine

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