September 29, 2008

Food: Yogurt and Greens and every good thing

Right around the corner form my new office is an amazingly delicious little cafe called Sweet Green It serves salads (pick your own ingredients, or go with one of their delicius combinations), and real frozen yogurt. I mean, REAL. It's not some watered down soft serve ice cream, it is tart, and slightly sweet, and its flavor is enhanced by a broad selection of fruit toppings (ok, you can get chocolate chips and granola too).

In searching to find out more about SweetGreen, I discovered that it was started by three recent grads of Georgetown, and that they are committed to minimal ecological impact, which is pretty sweet. All their serving ware is bio-degradable, and they have these super cool salad bowls with a special dispenser for dressing, and you get a free topping when you use it.

Besides being utterly delicious, this is what I like to see: entrepreneurship that takes a good principle (wasting less) and turns it into something worthwhile and profitible.

Look for a second outpost in Dupont, and a third in Bethesda, later this year.

* * *
While I'm at it: the "baby" yogurt, from Trader Joes (in Vanilla, Blueberry, Banana, or Peach--but I don't eat the Banana) is so delicious. It has way higher fat than most yogurts, because it is for babies, but it is rich, and creamy, and full of good stuff. I think I might try freezing it, and see what happens!

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