August 26, 2008


My Philosophy of the Human Person professor, Raymond Dennehy, who is one of the best debaters on abortion and life issues, has come out with a Screwtape Letters-like novel called Soldier Boy: The War Between Michael and Lucifer. Fr. Schall reviews it here:
Contained in these riveting pages are the philosophical and theological grounds for what we think of our souls in relation to our destiny. This is a novel about the mind of the greatest of the angels, Lucifer himself, and his being driven out of heaven by Michael, the Archangel. If it sounds familiar, it is—even more familiar than we like to think. The characters of both Michael and Lucifer, with their associate devils and angels, are very well and vividly drawn. This book would, in fact, be a very good movie.

What Dennehy, a professor at the University of San Francisco, has done here is to think his way through the mind of a devil. For those of us who know him, we are not surprised at this feat! In one sense, the context of Dennehy's novel is abortion, its deeper reasons and significance. The fact that free and liberal societies now by law promote this right to kill the most innocent of our kind must have more than a human explanation. No one makes this connection better than Dennehy, who also relates its logic to the earlier questions of contraception and modern definitions of freedom as self-fulfillment.

Buy the book here.

While we're at it: check out Lucifer's own defense. This clip also explains why I get parking tickets.

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