May 22, 2008


Thanks, Spoon for this:

Check It Out: Finding Romance And Adventure in the Library

By Dawn Goldsmith
Special to The Washington Post
Dewey's inspired addition of a decimal point makes it possible to create ever-expanding space within each numbered topic. Infinity, symbolized by a dot. Dewey's system also offers bookworms and bibliophiles an endless source of smiles, insight and puzzles.
As I shelve books, I wonder about some of Dewey's choices. Books of baby names rest beside ancient history -- the cradles of civilization? -- and next to the pirate section, an array of travel books spans the seven seas.

For the whole piece, go here.

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Here's a neatmap of the Dewey Decimal System, for educational purposes.

If you want to catalog your own library, check out the Library of Congress Online Catalog

LibraryThing is a great site for book/library nerds. You can become a member and catalog your own collection, or you can check out famous author's libraries. But I can't find that link right now...

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  1. The thing I loved (and love) about Dewey Decimal is that there is the wonderful underlayng assumption that everything has a place, and that it's place can be found by anyone, not just the librarian.

    I love that you can order the world and create a system that is so simple and flexible that things which Dewey never heard of, like microwave ovens, can find place.

    Great stuff!