June 04, 2007

Monday Adventures

Today, as I was brushing my teeth, I was thinking about zippers. About how there was a huge outrage when they were first introduced in women's clothing (because of the ease of taking a garment off, an ease that can be abused, I suppose). Schiparelli used them in her notoriously avant garde gowns in the mid-thirties. It occoured to me that zippers, not jazz, nor free love, nor women's lib, nor the green movement, no, ZIPPERS are the cause of all the moral problems of modernity.

...and then, as I was holding dear (4 month old) Timmy Corwin, I realized, my zipper on the favorite skirt (which I was wearing at the time...) had just broken. In protest no doubt. damn them all.

* * *

It has been a day for adventures: I went and got my oil changed (finally), and my engine flushed (fyi, Jiffy Lube is so much cheaper for this than Firestone!). I don't rightly know what flushing an engine means, but it was quick and painless, and my good old LGB* nameless nissan is humming along happily.
While I was at Jiffy Lube one of the service men came in to tell me I need to replace the belt (whatever that is), and that they can't do it for me. Then he (John was his name, and he had a rather simple face, but sincere) said "What were you listening to on your jutebox?" (Never-mind that I don't have a jutebox, only a stereo...)

"Um. I think it was Jerry Garcia singing folk songs."

His face light up! "I thought it was Jerry Garcia! You see, I have an autistic son, and I listen to the Grateful Dead all the time. And my dad just bought for my son a CD of Jerry Garcia singing children's songs."

"He recorded Children's songs--that's awesome." I said, and then he recommended I take my car to the Swarthmore Nissan dealership for the new belt, and that his brother-in-law would help me out.

(nota bene: it's true!)

*I say my car is LGB, because I can't decide if it is male or female...

* * *
Tonight I am going to hear Chris Thile and the How to Grow A Band. Thile, famous for his participation in Nickel Creek, is widely regarded as the greatest Mandolin Player alive. So, if you happen to get a phone call from me, pick up and listen to the music...it has the power of God in it. OR so I'm told.

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