June 05, 2007


--Bill Clinton isn' the only spouse of Presidential Candidates that is getting attention.
Flashed around the country Thursday was yet another full cleavage shot of Fred Thompson’s child wife looking almost as well-endowed as Alex Rodriguez’s stripper/pole-dancer girlfriend. “That was quite a dress,” said one GOP analyst, breathless. Perhaps Fred’s wife “Jeri” - yes, with an “i” - helps Fred with AARP, Viagra-ed up men: “You still got it goin’, Fred, you dirty dog.”
The only candidate who could be helped were his wife to show some cleavage is Dennis Kucinich, the Democrat who looks like a cross between Alfred E. Neuman and My Favorite Martian...

--Remember the great movie Goodbye Lenin!? Well, truth is just as strange as fiction, though perhaps not as captivating for the outsider.

--And, turns out, Dawn Eden is a fan of Bob Dylan too.

--Speaking of chastity: on the list for this week is going to see Kncoked Up. For reviews: Peter Travers, and Mick LaSalle. Plus, a profile of director Judd Apatow's family values.

--But seriously, folks. Rocco, of Whispers in the Loggia, brings attention to the 2000th anniversary of St. Paul's birth, and what Rome is going to do about it.

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