May 21, 2007


back story: the hancock fabrics near my office is having a closeout sale, and everything is 60% off. also, i need to re-upholster an ottoman and make curtains for my porch.

The Ottoman: The biggest contenders right now are the green geometric, and the bluegreen/yellow swirly. I love both of these. If I did the green geometric, I'd do pipping in either navy or jade green. If I did the swirly I'd pick one of the colors from the fabric for the piping, or do something crazy, like fushia.

The Curtains: My porch (as you can see) is long and thin, and has three walls worth of curtains. I sleep on this porch, so I need to put up curtains because a) I hate the blinds and b) insulation for the winter. There is time for this project, because in the summer the curtains aren't necessary, so if I don't end up liking any ideas for the curtains, I'll wait till the fall.

Because there is SO MUCH window, I am not planning on making them floor to ceiling. That would make the whole room fabric, basically. And I don't think I could find a print I liked that much! I was thinking of making them maybe 6 inches longer than the windows.

The question is, is the Blue Paisley too busy for the porch? I think so. But one suggestion was the make a border of the paisley with another solid. If I did this, I'd do only a foot or so of the paisley, and pick a color from the print for the solid. So it would go {2.5 ft solid}{1 ft paisley}{.5 ft solid}. Here's the paisley:

of course, the final say goes to my roommate, E, since she has to live with it. My feeling is, I'll only use these curtains in THIS particular apartment, so why not have fun with it...(of course, now that I think of it, maybe that means I should use the blue squiggly for a border in the curtains--because it is SO FUN!!)

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  1. On the choice of fabrics, I would go with the green geometric with a navy piping. then do the curtains in a white or yellow and add the border of paisley. It'll all GO without matching too much! i love the swirls of color, but think the green geometric will be more enduring, and you will be able to fit it in to many more circumstances in the future too.