May 10, 2007

The Uber-Plan


I have no idea how often I'll post, but one thing is for sure: it's time to get this show on the road.

So: the general idea is that there is glory, and beauty, and joy in so many aspects of our life--and it is my particular goal to bring all the things I find beautiful, joyful, exciting, interesting, whimsical, comic, inspiring, good, true, and even sorrowful, thoughtful, and provoking under one roof. The things I post about will be, obviously, things that particularily intrest me including, but not limited to:

literature, illustration, letterpress, seashells, home decorating, color, jewelry, fashion, locality and place, western civilization, art, folk music, conservatism, the Church, saints, architecture, homemaking, movies (current and past), cooking, children's literature, jazz, gardening, California (and specifically Napa and San Francisco), design, craftsmanship, Catholicism, British comedy, costume history, poetry, fabric, feasts, sacred music, and, of course, Christ.

Right now, I think I will have to limit myself to blogging once or twice a week. But ultimately:

--I plan on doing several things daily: a quote for the day (but only from things I've actually read! None of this grabbing out of a hat nonsense), an image (be it a work of art, or a clip from a movie, or a cool object that I covet), and the feast for the day (if applicable: may be either secular--like national chocolate day--or sacred).
--I plan on doing several things weekly: an essay, a Poem of the Week, a Top 5 (because I love lists!), and I'll update my Movie/Book/Music lists on the sidebar.
--I plan on doing several things monthly: a Events calendar (all the things I wish I could go to but can't), a shopping list (all the things I wish i could buy, but can't), and a movie review.

But before I get blogging full time (over the course of this next week) I am going to post some archives from my past blog. Then, let the new blogging begin!