May 11, 2007

On Handwriting

Nice stationary isn't worth much, however, if your handwriting is illegible. Just this weekend there was a Boston Globe article about handwriting gone bad in this digital age:
Educators agree that children are growing into adults who are more comfortable wielding BlackBerrys than Bics. But they are divided on whether illegible handwriting is a serious problem, and if it is, what to do about it.
...People who do the bulk of their writing on computers say they have no plans to seek remedial help. They cannot conceive of composing anything more complex than a "to do" list without the ability to cut, paste, and spell-check it into shape. "It's as if my brain is attached to the keyboard...I want to write as quickly as I type and it's just not possible."

So if the end of handwriting is near, but you want to add that personal touch to your correspondence, be sure to check out the new FONTIFIER. Just scan a template of your own handwriting, and you can (for $9) have an actual font made out of your own handwriting. Of course, if your handwriting is as bad as, say, Thomas Aquinas (but oh! what saintly chicken scratch!), I'd advise you stick with Times New Roman. Besides, it's free.

* * *

Some of us like handwritten notes, lists, and essays. If that's the case, but your handwriting is atrocious (or dull...), I'd recommend checking out the new Handwriting Courses at Pen Dance. Copperplate and Spencerian handwriting is not just for Wedding Invitations, let me tell you. I dated a guy with copperplate handwriting, and no matter how dull a letter he sent, it was marvelous to read.

Of course, you could just Print out templates, and practice.

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  1. this image is Thomas Aquinas' Chicken Scratch. fyi...