March 27, 2007


I am in CA now, visiting my parents, and sitting the the kitchen at the table we've had as long as I can remember (complete with chipping varnish, lots of crumbs, the daily paper, and dad's omni-present pile of mail.) This table has seen many arguments, discussions, civil games of Risk, and back stabbing games of Junta, parties, and planning sessions, tears, joys, prayers, and (while we're at it) tablecloths. The chairs never seem to last very long, but the table is still standing, a testament to a family.

The table sits in an honest to goodness breakfast nook, with three bay windows. They are curtained in lace (what a trial it was finding the right kind...), with roller shades to block our the late evening sun. Right now they frame a pretty picture of the back yard. Outside, the sky is bright blue, and the garden is colorful, awakened in the height of a California spring.

Our Lady Banks Rose, on the top of the hill, is just about to reach it's peak. It's a glorious bush, which, when in full bloom, stretches down the hill with its tiny, but lucious clusters of blossoms. The buds are fragile, which is too bad, because I always thought I'd love to be crowned in them on my wedding day.

The daffodils are almost all gone, but the tall, proud, shapely irises are standing at attention at the edge of the lawn. Irises always remind me of my Dad's mom, a lovely german woman, kind, fun, artistic, and loving. She loved them, and they do seem a bit german--straight, and orderly.

Our birches are diseased, so basically the only trees are the fruit trees (plum, apple, and pear), which have already bloomed, and our three Japanese Maples. These are my favorite. One is chartruese, with liitle red berries, another is brilliant yellow, and the third is that deep crimson that is characteristic of these varied trees. Their small leaves flutter like silk in the breeze.

Sitting here, while my siblings are waking, prepping for a day at work, and Mom is busy in the den, I feel like I can do anything. Sitting at this table, with so much to cherish, and so much to honor, and so much to do, I really feel like everything will work out, and that the most important thing is to be here now.

Deo Gratias!

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