October 12, 2006


I have decided: I love America.

I got off the airplane, and found myself in the center of a beautiful city, BEAUTIFUL, and it was lush, and cool, and wet from the previous nights rain. And I wandered around the Boston Commons, saw the swans, the winter berry trees, the weeping willows, and the roses at the Public Gardens. The fog lifted, the sun began to shine, and I thought to myself: is there a city in America that isn't completely charming in it's own way? I want to live in Boston, in NYC, in San Francisco (most of all), in Napa, in Frederick, MD, in Front Royal, VA, or Fairfax, in Charleston, SC, and Charlotte, NC, in DC, in Alexandria, in Chicago, in Franklin, TN, in San Diego, in Big Sur, Lawrence, KS, Philly, West Chester, Lancaster, Pittsburgh, Rehoboth, even parts of (southern) New Jersey. ANYWHERE (ok, almost anywhere...especially if it's near water). I LOVE IT ALL!

So yeah. Go America. Bring me starbucks, and sunshine, and folk songs, and Vanity Fair, and everything in between.

(Just thought you'd like to know.)

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